Timeline 1867-2005

Date Personal & Business Life Eugenics Sacramento State
1867 Matthias Goethe, Charles Matthias Goethe's grandfather, arrives in Sacramento, California

1868 Henry John Goethe joins his father, Matthias Goethe, in Sacramento

March 28, 1875 Charles Matthias (C. M.) Goethe is born in Sacramento to Henry John (H. J.) Goethe and Louisa Denger Goethe    
October 29, 1876 Mary Glide is born in Sacramento to Henry Joseph Glide and Elizabeth Helen Glide

1879 H. J. Goethe acquires a Swiss bank and starts the Goethe Company

1891 C. M. Goethe graduates from Sacramento High School    
1892 C. M. Goethe begins working at his father's company    
1898 H. J. Goethe begins to offer real estate loans through his company    
1900 C. M. Goethe passes the bar    
  H. J. Goethe Company is incorporated    
1902 Goethe Realty Company is incorporated    
1902 C. M. Goethe is appointed to the May Queen Committee    
1903 C. M. Goethe is promoted to the position of vice-president of the Goethe Company

December 3, 1903 C. M. Goethe marries Mary Louise Glide    
1906 C. M. Goethe begins to serve as president of Goethe Bank C. M. Goethe and Mary Glide Goethe begin volunteer work at the Sacramento Orphanage Farm, taking the children on nature hikes

1907 The will of Mary Glide Goethe's father's is contested by her brothers. Mary receives a portion of her father's estate.

1909 Goethe Bank is dissolved California Sterilization Law is passed  
Date Personal & Business Life Eugenics Sacramento State
September 1909   C. M. and Mary Goethe hire a young woman to supervise the playground activities at the Sacramento Orphanage Farm

December 1910   C. M. Goethe attends the Playground Association of California's convention in San Francisco

June 1911   C. M. and Mary Goethe, along with Mr. and Mrs. Simon Lubin are asked to assist in the experimental playground established in Sacramento at Tenth and Q with M. L. Stone as director

1911-1912   C. M. and Mary Goethe travel to Japan, Korea, Burma, India, China, then to Italy, Germany and France. They also visit the Philippine Islands to promote the value of public playgrounds. During this trip abroad, C. M. Goethe is appointed by California's acting Governor Wallace, as a special commissioner representing the state in investigating and studying children's playgrounds around the world.  

1912 H. J. Goethe Company is dissolved

C. M. Goethe is appointed to the Committee of City planning in Sacramento

1913   C. M. Goethe is elected Chairperson of the Committee of City planning

    C. M. Goethe becomes a member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)  
    Mary and C. M. Goethe establish the Sacramento Council of Churches  
1914 Louisa Goethe, C. M. Goethe's mother, dies

1915 H. J. and C. M. Goethe buy the Elmhurst Subdivision and Lucrene Meadows near Stockton Boulevard

1917   The Goethes and friends provide financing for the first Tuberculosis Sanitarium in California, located in the city of Weimer, California

Date Personal & Business Life Eugenics Sacramento State
1918 Plans are drawn by architect Julia Morgan for the Goethe house to be built at 3731 T Street on the Elmhurst subdivision

The Save-the-Redwoods League is founded by John C. Merriam, Henry Fairfield Osborn and Madison Grant

    C. M. Goethe founds the California Nature Study League

1919   C. M. Goethe publishes a nature guide to Lake Tahoe  
1920   C.M. Goethe creates the park guides to Yosemite National Park and influences the growth of the interpretive parks movement. Goethe also privides funding for the rangers giving the nature tours.  
1920s   Goethe establishes the Immigration Study Commission  
1921   C. M. Goethe is appointed Regional Head of the Sierra Club  
1924 C. M. Goethe's house is completed

C. M. Goethe successfully lobbies the Commonwealth Club to form an Eugenics Section

1928 Henry J. Goethe dies. In his will, C. M. Goethe receives $10,000 in cash and one-fourth of the residue

The Human Betterment Foundation is formed by Ezra S. Gosney and Goethe is named to the Board of Directors  
1933   C. M. Goethe and Eugene Pitts found the Eugenics Society of Northern California

1935-1936   Goethe serves as President of the Eugenics Research Association  
Date Personal & Business Life Eugenics Sacramento State
1936   C. M. Goethe attends the International Federation of Eugenic Organization in Scheveningen, Netherlands

1943   Human Betterment Foundation dissolves  
1946 Mary Glide Goethe dies C. M. and Mary Goethe attend a meeting of the National Audubon Society in Florida, to help create a National Park out of the Everglades

  War Profits... and Better Babies is published

1947     Sacramento State College (California State University, Sacramento) is established on the Sacramento Junior College (Sacramento City College) campus

      C. M. Goethe becomes the first Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Sacramento State College

1948   C. M. Goethe purchases land for the Mary Glide Goethe Memorial Grove in the Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park, Humboldt County, California

C. M. Goethe creates the Mary Glide Goethe Memorial Fund for use on the Sacramento State campus

    C. M. Goethe is appointed Honorary Chief Park Naturalist, National Park Service

1949   C. M. Goethe purchases a redwood grove in Del Norte County, California. The Jedediah Smith Memorial Grove later became part of the Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park.

Date Personal & Business Life Eugenics Sacramento State
Nov. 15, 1949     C. M. Goethe speaks at Sacramento State in the Science Annex building
1950s   Goethe lobbies congress to restrict immigration into the United States based on race

1950     Sacramento State College Publications in the Natural History Series is printed.  C. M. Goethe's Mother Lode Gold Mining Stories is the first publication in the series to be printed.
Oct. 25, 1952     Cornerstone laying ceremony on Sacramento State's new campus at J Street
1952     Sacramento State College moves to current location near the American River and J Street

1955 The University of the Pacific awards C. M. Goethe an honorary degree of law  

C. M. Goethe receives Honorary Master of Science Degree from Sacramento State University

  Garden Philosopher is published    
1958 Goethe is elected as a fellow in the Royal Society of Arts of Great Britain

1959     A grove of trees is planted near the front entrance to the Sacramento State campus in honor of Goethe; the C. M. Goethe Arboretum Society is created

1960 National Conservation Citation is given to C. M. Goethe by Secretary of the Interior Fred A. Seaton; Goethe also receives the first lifetime membership in the Folsom Historical Society and the Patriotic Service Medal of the American Coalition of Patriotic Societies.

  C. M. Goethe Arboretum Society is incorporated

Mar. 1961     Sacramento State College arboretum is dedicated to C. M. Goethe

Date Personal & Business Life Eugenics Sacramento State
Mar. 1962     Three commemorative benches are donated to the arboretum. Donors include: the Arboretum Fund of Sacramento State College Fund, Fort Sumter Chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy, and the Western Advertising System of Sacramento.

March 31, 1962 Sacramento Mayor, James B. McKinney, issues proclamation naming this day as Charles M. Goethe Day. There are several other days dedicated to Goethe.

May 6, 1962 Dedication ceremony of Charles M. Goethe Junior High School in Sacramento City Unified School District

1963   C. M. Goethe achieves 50 years of membership in the Ameircan Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)  
1965     The Board of Trustee of the California State Colleges designates a new science building at Sacramento State campus to be named the C. M. Goethe Science Building. Protests from the campus community occur over the naming of the building.

March 24, 1965 Sacramento County Board of Supervisors names the south part of the American River Parkway after C. M. Goethe

March 28, 1965 C. M. Goethe National Recognition Day on the occasion of his 90th birthday

The Save the American River Association (SARA) honors Goethe as the first patron of the organization on Oct. 16. Harold Severaid, Professor of Biology at Sacramento State, is President and serves on the Board of Directors of SARA.

July 10, 1966 C. M. Goethe dies. He left an estate valued at $24 million.   Sacramento State is named in C. M. Goethe's will. The university receives around $600,000 in cash, Goethe's house on T Street, his library, and personal papers.
1967     The C. M. Goethe Science Building is completed
Fall 1967     The science building is changed from C. M. Goethe Science Building to "Science Building"
Date Personal & Business Life Eugenics Sacramento State
1970s     C. M. Goethe Arboretum Society request Acting President Otto Butz to look into options to take care of the arboretum

1976   C. M. Goethe Memorial Grove is established in Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park by Save the Redwoods League

1982     C. M. Goethe's house is placed in the National Register of Historic Places

1999     C. M. Goethe's house is remodeled and name is changed to Julia Morgan House
2005     C. M. Goethe Arboretum is changed to University Arboretum